Timeless Desert Modern Space…Desert One Jim Jennings AIA 2005 725K

Desert One, Jim Jennings, AIA 2005: Architectural Digest, September 2009. Rarely, dating back to ‘Case Study’ houses of the midcentury, do we find a new but timeless expression of architectural art that truly captures the essence of the era, one that is sure to be appreciated well into the next century. At first look, a sculpted monolith rising from the desert floor, perfectly sited and firmly rooted into 2/3 acres of untouched natural desert terrain. Private, protected behind tall walls, ‘Desert One’ is a 2800 sq ft compound of seamless indoor-outdoor living and entertaining space, executed in concrete, steel and glass, constructed with exacting fit and finish. Once inside the massive front door that clicks shut with the precision of a German engineered automobile, you’re in another world. Here, Mr. Jennings created a tranquil modern sanctuary, ideally suited for one or two, that is Palm Springs: open and exciting! We invite you to click on the pictures and take the tour…

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  1. Lydia Aguayo says:

    Nice article and photos.

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